I didn’t expect to have a child on the autism spectrum.

I also didn’t expect the changes it would bring in me. What would I tell my 35 year old self about wanting be in control of everything?

How cool is God’s faithfulness? How essential is community? What have I learned about galaxies, school buses, & pipe organs? Find out by reading Jacksonville. The book is currently in the editing process but will be released in 2020.

Why Jacksonville?

Our son, Jack, is on the autsim spectrum. He has a beautiful imagination. When he was little and became enchanted with the story in his head, he would gallop around the house humming with a terrific smile on his face. My husband and I would joke and say things like: “They must have inflated the bounce houses in Jacksonville” or “The ice cream truck must be in Jacksonville.” I never thought Jack noticed until one day when I asked, “Jack, what are you pretending? I want to go there. It sounds delightful!” He looked at me and said, “I’ve gone to Jacksonville, and you’re not invited.” When deciding on what to call this book, the answer was quite clear.


Our son, Jack, has Asperger’s. This puts him on the high functioning edge of the autism spectrum. On the other end of the “spectrum” are children who are non-verbal and virtually unable to connect. This book is not about them. If you have a child that is more affected my prayers are with you and my story will sound trite. But it’s my journey, and if it speaks to anyone, I’m glad to tell it.